Alimony in NC is an equalizing aspect of a divorce where a spouse that is not the income-earner in the marriage can obtain a steady share of the income earned post-separation. This allows people to pursue divorce and exit bad marriages without the fear of...

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When a marriage ends, both parties must decide whether to settle the divorce in or out of court. Settling a divorce in court is a lengthy and expensive procedure. In fact, it can be daunting when you picture everything you have to agree on, such...

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There are many things to keep in mind to ensure adoption is the best choice for you and your family when considering adoption. Additionally, understanding the adoption process can help make it easier to navigate all the necessary steps. If you are considering adoption, speak...

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Divorce has many complexities, including everything from emotional distress and financial worries. A high net worth divorce adds even more unique challenges to finalizing the divorce. Every asset must be cataloged during a divorce and determine which properties were earned before the marriage. If you...

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Couples preparing to get married may discuss the possibility of having a prenuptial agreement drawn up by a family law lawyer Greensboro. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document allowing couples to decide how their assets get divided if they get divorced. Many engaged couples...

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Divorce is often a difficult time for everyone involved, including the grandparents. In some situations, grandparents are not permitted visitation with their grandchildren in the event of a divorce, parental termination of rights, or death of a parent. These situations often leave grandparents wondering how...

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When a spouse or couple decide to divorce and have children involved, it makes the circumstances more complicated and complex. Greensboro family law practice is seasoned, skilled, trained, and experienced in child support issues. The Law Office of Mercedes O. Chut handles all facets of divorce, including...

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What is Palimony? Palimony is the non-legal term that refers to the division of financial assets and payments of support made to a cohabitating, non-married partner after the relationship ends. The term was first coined by Marvin Mitchelson, in 1977 when he filed a legal...

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Getting married and starting a life with someone you care deeply about can be a very joyous and momentous occasion. Unfortunately, not all marriages will work out and there can come a time when you need a divorce. When you are going through a divorce...

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