You'll have to meet certain requirements if you intend to file bankruptcy. One of those requirements is the means test. A bankruptcy attorney Greensboro NC office can perform the calculations to determine if you qualify. Here's some information about the test:  What Is the Means...

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Divorce is a difficult thing to get through. If you and your ex have children, the hardship will only be increased if you do not put a plan in place from the outset. Physical separation is the first step for divorce in the state of...

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Going through a divorce can trigger a range of emotions. You may experience rage, frustration, anxiety, and despair. It is perfectly natural to feel all these things. However, you should not let any of them diminish your rights and prevent you from getting what you...

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Going through a divorce is a painful and difficult thing to do. The dissolution of your marriage will trigger a range of feelings and emotions. The best way to get through the ordeal is to be organized. Hiring a divorce attorney Greensboro NC is the...

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