Experienced Help With Debt Relief

As a Greensboro Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney at the law office of Mercedes O. Chut, P.A., I work with clients to help them keep their homes, cars, and get out from under an unmanageable burden of debt. I can help you get a fresh start so you can begin to rebuild your future.

Debt Repayment Plans to Help You Get a Fresh Start

A Chapter 13 filing gives you a chance to catch up on mortgage, car and other payments. It enables you to set up a monthly payment plan that is within your means. Do not wait until you lose your home or car. Do not let credit card debt keep you from meeting basic needs such as filling prescriptions. Chapter 13 can:

Call for a Consultation With a Greensboro Foreclosure Attorney

If you are facing the prospect of foreclosure or are struggling with debt, I am prepared to help. Contact me, a Greensboro bankruptcy lawyer, online or call 336-274-0352 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

Put Your Financial Life Back on Track

As your attorney, I work to make sure that you understand your options and responsibilities under bankruptcy. The reality is that when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will still owe much of your unsecured debt, but the court will review your expenses, your income and your ability to pay to put you on a plan that is far more manageable.

Instead of facing creditor harassment and the serious possibility of foreclosure, Chapter 13 gives you a workable plan.

Working with a dependable North Carolina Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, you unlock access to a diverse range of legal protections designed to afford individuals the same kind of protections and opportunities for second chances that major corporations enjoy. It is not an “easy way out” of paying your debts, but a government-protected system that keeps ordinary Americans from facing ruin when times get tough.