Am I Allowed to Make Changes to Bankruptcy After Filing?

Posted on February 8, 2021

filing a bankruptcyLife is not always fair. You work hard and play by the rules. But events may have taken a turn for the worst, and you now find yourself out of a job and without the means to pay your bills. At some point, it is better to seek the protection of the law than to go on fighting creditors. Declaring bankruptcy is a perfectly legitimate way to deal with your debt. 

If you have decided to take this step, you should hire a Greensboro NC bankruptcy attorney to help guide you through the process. 

You will be required to fill out a great many forms. The information asked of you may take some time to gather, and you may make errors along the way. In most instances, you will be able to amend your bankruptcy forms after they have been filed. You can correct a mistake, add omitted information, or update the forms if you have a sudden change in your circumstances. If you need to do any of these things, you should contact your Greensboro, NC bankruptcy attorney. 

When you file your bankruptcy forms, you are declaring under penalty of perjury that all the information on them is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. If you subsequently discover that you have submitted incorrect information, you should amend your paperwork. 

Here are some of the most common errors on bankruptcy forms: 

  • Failure to list all personal property 
  • Omitting a creditor 
  • Failure to include debts to family and friends 
  • A sudden and unexpected change in your circumstances 

This last one happens quite often. Life doesn’t stop just because you declare bankruptcy. You may get a new job immediately after you submit your paperwork. The strain of your financial situation may lead to the break-up of your marriage. You may have a new baby, get a raise in wages, or be forced to take in an elderly or unwell relative. You should amend your bankruptcy forms to reflect any such changes. 

It is best to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney in Greensboro, NC. They will help you figure out when a change in life circumstances is important enough to amend your bankruptcy forms. A bankruptcy attorney Greensboro NC at the Law Office of Mercedes O. Chut will help you through this difficult time.