My Spouse Is Not Paying Child Support: What Do I Do?

Posted on November 22, 2021

sad mother and sonWhen a spouse or couple decide to divorce and have children involved, it makes the circumstances more complicated and complex. Greensboro family law practice is seasoned, skilled, trained, and experienced in child support issues.

The Law Office of Mercedes O. Chut handles all facets of divorce, including alimony and post-separation support, child support, child support modifications, and more. If your spouse is not paying child support, give us a call, and we will find out what the problem is, that you are receiving no child support or a decreased amount of support.

Thisfamily law attorney Greensboro NC explains child support and how their Greensboro Family Law Attorney can help you when your spouse is not paying child support as the court structured.

What is Child Support?

Child support, in legal terms, means that the noncustodial parent makes regular payments to the other parent for the children’s financial benefit.

Child support is awarded to the parent by the court where the children primarily reside. Child support, granted by the court, is the responsibility of the parent who does not have the children the majority of the time.

Child support is paid to help the custodial parent with financial care and the costs of raising the child or children. Support is paid until the child reaches the age of responsibility or the child becomes emancipated from the parents before they reach the age of accountability.

If the paying parent has temporary circumstances preventing them from paying child support, we will work around a crisis in the short term. We realize that an unplanned financial emergency can happen unexpectedly to anyone. If the paying parent is simply not paying child support anymore, this family law lawyer Greensboro finds out and will take action to get the children the financial support they deserve.

How An Attorney Can Help

There may be a good reason why one parent is not paying child support. This divorce attorney from Greensboro NC will first investigate what the problem is when child support stops. We want to be fair to both parents, and we realize that bad things can happen to anyone, such as,

  • Financial hardship
  • Job loss and unemployment
  • Accidents
  • Disabilities

The noncustodial parent can and should petition the court when such situations arise. Hardships may lead to a legal stopping or decrease in child support payments on a short-term basis. You never want to fight child support without a seasoned family lawyer by your side. This seasoned attorney can help enforce the actions of child support orders. There are some options that this attorney can take, such as,

  • Filing for garnishment of wages if the parent is employed so that child support is taken directly from the parent’s check before they get their check.
  • Our divorce lawyer Greensboro can file contempt of court proceedings.
  • This Greensboro Family Law Attorney deals directly with the noncustodial parent on behalf of the child.
  • This divorce attorney Greensboro NC reminds the noncustodial parent that they may face jail due to contemptuous legal proceedings and violating their court order.
  • This parent can face stiff fines and penalties.
  • Income levels are examined again to determine any changes or decreases in income.

Hire Seasoned Legal Representation for Issues with Child Support

The Law Office of Mercedes O. Chut is a leading law firm specializing in bankruptcy and family law and is ready to hear your story and issues surrounding divorce and child support. We are here to serve you and your children’s needs. When child support stops, call our esteemed team of seasoned attorneys at Greensboro Family Law and allow us to investigate and handle all of your child support issues.