How to Navigate Child Support After Separation

Posted on January 18, 2021

child supportDivorce is a difficult thing to get through. If you and your ex have children, the hardship will only be increased if you do not put a plan in place from the outset. Physical separation is the first step for divorce in the state of North Carolina. If you and your spouse separate, one of you will take primary custody of the children. The other parent must still provide child support. 

The amount of money that must be paid in child support is set by the state’s child support guidelines. The latter is based on economic data which consist of adjusted estimates of average total household spending for children 18 years old and younger. A divorce attorney Greensboro NC will quickly assess the custodial situation in your family and determine which set of guidelines to use. The divorce lawyer Greensboro will then help you interpret the law so that you can ensure your child gets the money they need. 

If you are the custodial parent, then your spouse should pay the proper amount of child support. But you do not have the right to withhold visitation with the children if they do not pay. Such an act is also a breach of law, and it will put you in disfavor with the court. 

Child support payments should continue until a child reaches the age of 18. Here are the circumstances in which support may continue after this age: 

  • The child has reached 18 but has not yet graduated from high school 
  • The supporting parent has agreed in writing to support the child after they have reached 18 
  • The child is unable to support themselves owing to a mental or physical disability 

If a judge has issued a child support order before the final divorce settlement, they are unlikely to change it without proof that there has been a substantial change of circumstances. 

The best way to navigate child support issues after separation is to contact a family law lawyer Greensboro at the Law Office of Mercedes O. Chut.